Using insights from Euromonitor’s Passport system to strengthen marketing campaigns

Euromonitor’s latest white paper provides key insights on how product claims and positioning data strengthen marketing campaigns, inspires new product innovation, and supports company-wide corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals.


Today’s consumers can choose from a wide variety of products and are increasingly interested in those with specific attributes – whether they are Fragrance-Free, Plant-Based, or Fairtrade. To develop successful marketing strategies, companies want to understand the product claims trending across categories and countries. This informs branding initiatives, inspires new product innovation, and supports company-wide corporate goals.

E-commerce data extraction and data science solutions allow companies to identify leading claims in industries and markets, discover opportunities, and compare positioning and claims of their brands against their competitors. Euromonitor International tracks over 150 dietary and lifestyle product claims featured on hundreds of thousands of consumer products sold across e-commerce channels worldwide.


  • Understand how to leverage product claims data to better position your brands
  • Discover how product claims data helps identify new opportunities
  • Learn how companies are aligning brands with corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals

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