TradeMalta’s CEO, Chairman and Chief Officer on The Boardroom

Date: 27/11/2020


What are common challenges facing Maltese companies in their quest to internationalise their business?

TradeMalta‘s CEO Anton Buttigieg, Chairman Stephen Sultana and Chief Officer Joe Schembri explain how the organisation is helping local businesses to grow beyond Malta’s shores at a time when customers are increasingly interacting with businesses online.

In this week’s episode of The Boardroom, hosted by Jo Caruana, Anton Buttigieg, CEO of the trade promotion enterprise TradeMalta, spoke about his organisation’s drive to help businesses go international.

Mr Buttigieg stated that “Companies that go international are stronger, more profitable, and last longer.” He says the advantages of having an international perspective are obvious given the small size of the local market. As CEO of the main trade promotion entity in Malta, he meets a lot of specialised companies that are capable of selling their products and services to international clients. “They have an international standard,” he says.

“We’ve of course seen an increase in the ICT sector. These companies are born global. But we’ve also seen more and more companies doing consultancies in specific scientific fields, in R&D. They’ve built their experience locally, and now they’re ready to use that experience to grow internationally.”

Turning then to the challenges local businesses face when seeking to establish themselves abroad, Mr Buttigieg quickly identifies the most important one. “Certainly, the biggest challenge is in correctly identifying the right market to enter and the right people to talk to.”

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