TradeMalta webinar on Africa confirms exporters’ interest in the region

Sub-Sahara Africa_webinar

Thirty Maltese companies are participating in two webinars hosted by TradeMalta on trading with Sub Saharan Africa.  The first webinar was held on the 11th May, with the participation of twelve companies. During the 90-minute webinar, the companies benefitted from insight on the opportunities and risks associated with doing business with Africa in a post-COVID 19 reality. The webinar was addressed by Malta’s resident High Commissioner to Ghana, Mr Jean Claude Galea Mallia and by Malta’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Mr Ronald Micallef. The two Ambassadors provided insight based on their extensive experience in the region.  Sub Saharan Africa can be a substantial business opportunity for those companies that are well prepared for it. High Commissioner Galea Mallia and Ambassador Micallef explained the growth potential which exists in specific sectors and gave tips on the conventions used in communicating and engaging with business leaders from Ghana and Ethiopia.

The participant exporters raised various issues on the emerging commercial and political challenges as the region comes to terms with post-COVID 19 realities.

The webinar will be followed up with one to one mentoring sessions.

The webinar proved very useful for the participants, many of whom are new to Sub Saharan Africa.  The session was moderated by Joe Schembri.

A second webinar on trading with Sub Saharan Africa will be held next week, on Monday the 18th. TradeMalta intends hosting several webinars on internationalisation issues over the coming months.  More information is available on

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