TradeMalta showcases the success of Maltese companies internationally

Maltese companies are achieving international success at growing rates, as highlighted by a new video series released by TradeMalta. Visit the Maltese Companies page here, or find TradeMalta’s YouTube page to browse through these case studies, learn helpful tips and gain inspiration for your own company’s journey into internationalisation.

TradeMalta – the organisation that specialises in guiding Maltese businesses to go international – has launched a number of videos aimed at encouraging more local companies to consider the path into internationalisation. The videos, which are all available to watch on YouTube or on TradeMalta’s website, include interviews with Maltese companies that have achieved success internationally.

Case studies include that of QP Management, which is, today, the largest interdisciplinary consultancy firm on the island with a portfolio of over €2 billion worth of projects both locally and internationally. The company is currently active in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, with flagship projects including the Corinthia Hotel in Khartoum and the upcoming redevelopment of the Panorama Hotel in Prague. Speaking about internationalisation, Ivan Cachia, QP’s Head of Business Development, says that the company does have to compete with much larger organisations. “However, if you choose the right opportunity and structure your approach, there is no reason why you cannot be successful.”

Similarly, the European Pilot Academy is another business that has enjoyed international success from a Maltese launch-pad. The company has provided pilot training to over 2,000 students, and has taken them from beginners to ‘airline level’ proficiency. Among its many USPs the Academy boasts over 25 years’ experience and various professional instructors to suit the specific needs of the sector. “Most of our students find jobs within the first few weeks of graduating,” says Matthew Rota, who handles the company’s Business Development. “And it is thanks, in part, to that success that we have succeeded in opening a number of schools beyond the Maltese territory, including one in Nigeria six years ago, and another two other satellites in Oman and Nepal. Yes, there have been challenges and set-backs but we have always persevered over the years, and our internationalisation has played a major role in that.”

As evident from these case studies, TradeMalta can help to guide companies keen on going global. “Now is the time to branch out, take the plunge and start expanding to profit from world-wide opportunities,” says TradeMalta Chief Executive Officer Anton Buttigieg. “Maltese companies have so much knowledge and innovation to take to the world, and we are excited to help them achieve truly international success – starting with the first, small steps towards building a global business.”

For more information, register on the TradeMalta’s website, here.

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