TradeMalta hosts webinar on digital marketing strategies

Matthew Sammut from ICE Malta explains how to employ digital marketing strategies to improve ROI and engage clients

The third in TradeMalta’s series of webinars was dedicated to Digital Marketing Strategies. In it, Matthew explained how search engines work and how a firm can use various social media campaigns to reach different audiences. The session was very practical, with tips on how a company could optimise its website for improved ranking on search engines. Matthew also demonstrated a number of tools that companies could use to improve the ROI from online marketing campaigns, such as pay-per-click advertising. Firms can use the strategies and tools discussed to build and strengthen their brands or just reach out to customers and intermediaries. Matthew explained that, unlike traditional advertising, online engagement can be traced in detail, allowing the company to accurately measure the return on its digital marketing investment.

Participants asked both strategy-related and technical questions.

The full video, including the key presentation and the questions, is available here.

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