TradeMalta hosts HSBC speakers in its fifth webinar on the future of supply chains

Sibel Sirmagul, Regional Head of Product, HSBC gave an insightful presentation during the fifth and last TradeMalta webinar. 

The presentation discussed a series of macro-economic trends that are likely to characterise the post COVID-19 world. Sibel spoke about the new imperative to plan strategically but strike the balance between just-in-time, and just-in-case, referring to the need for scenario planning as uncertainty is now part of the new normal.  The HSBC speaker addressed the key changes in global supply chains and how these can favour nearshore-ready countries like Malta.  These were linked to some very interesting ideas for firms and economies to be better positioned to navigate the ever-changing landscape.

The full video, including the key presentation and the questions, is available here.

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