TradeMalta featured on L-Intrapriża Episode

Recently, during an episode of L-Intrapriża which covered the EY Malta Future Realised Conference 2023, Mr. Klaus Pedersen gave a brief overview of the services offered by TradeMalta.

L-Intrapriza is a television series produced by The Malta Chamber of Commerce and Malta Enterprise. The programme features various industries in Malta and underlines the realities local business operators face both locally and internationally. It airs every Thursday on TVM News+. The series allows viewers to get to know more about the different ventures and businesses flourishing on the Maltese Islands. The series also highlights the range of business support provided by The Malta Chamber, Malta Enterprise and other entities such as TradeMalta.

TradeMalta is a public-private partnership between the Government of Malta and the Malta Chamber. The organisation was set up to offer support to Malta-based companies to reach international markets. For more information about TradeMalta visit  Alternatively, call on 22472400.

The full episode can be viewed here.

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