TradeMalta CEO accompanies the Hon Minister Silvio Schembri on a visit to Magro Brothers in Gozo

Yesterday 13th of April, TradeMalta CEO Anton Buttigieg accompanied the Hon Minister for the Economy and Industry, Silvio Schembri, and the Hon Minister for Gozo, Clint Camilleri, on a visit to the Magro Brothers site in Gozo to announce an investment of €1.5 million by the company.

After a tour around the complex, a press conference led by Mr. Christian Magro and both Ministers was organised for media representatives. Mr. Magro outlined how over the past two years the Group has invested over € 1.5 million in the manufacturing sector in Gozo. This investment was used to carry out various developments that are expected to expand the capabilities, product range and employment within the Magro Brothers Group of Companies.

The developments undertaken included:

  • A new line dedicated to transform locally grown tomatoes into convenient reusable packaging, including glass jars.
  • Upgraded facilities and technology in the dairy sector to further enhance the product range offered.
  • Research and Development project for the dairy section.
  • Various Research & Development projects to improve product offering and increase convenience.
  • Other substantial investments in specialised manufacturing software to allow full traceability through the operation and the creation of 2 new websites allowing online sales.
  • To counteract the impact of Brexit, the company set up of new overseas office in Ireland in addition to the office in UK.
  • Research & Development projects aimed to tap new export markets.
  • Construction of display stands for International Food Fairs to showcase the diverse range of products.

During the press conference, Magro Brothers also thanked TradeMalta for its assistance in promoting its products abroad. During 2020, 40% of the company’s turnover came from exports to 20 different countries across 4 continents worldwide. A video showing Magro’s success overseas and produced with the assistance of TradeMalta was featured during the event.

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