Top business and technology trends in 2021

Source: MaltaToday

Date: 16/03/2021

The world is forever changing in front of us, as we progress through a transition phase with a clear shift to digital and remote models

The world is forever changing in front of us, as we progress through a transition phase with a clear shift to digital and remote models.

Consumer expectations have transcended and are continually evolving, so it’s up to businesses to be responsive to user needs.

We can expect to hear new buzz terms like sustainable development goals (SDG), digital nomadism, and philanthropy, where companies will continue to be portrayed as corporately and ethically responsible entities.

Above all else, we can expect to see a significant progression in technological and business innovation.

So what sort of business and technology trends can we expect in 2021?

Remote working and video conferencing

This is an area that will continue to experience rapid growth throughout 2021.

State-of-the-art video conferencing systems will accelerate remote contact across the globe, assisting with everyday business operations and creating opportunities for new ventures.

Virtual collaboration platforms will enable teams to interact, where collaborators can track projects, share content, run team-building activities and so much more.

What’s best about a remote collaborative space is the ability to share learning and documentation. Users can work in a virtual environment that closely replicates real life, and communicates easily with one another.

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Contactless delivery and shipping

We’re in the midst of a contactless delivery revolution, where fast shipping has and will continue to be a driving business force.

Industries will implement alternative delivery processes, with drop-off delivery options advancing in stature.

One emerging trend is autonomous vehicles to fulfill customer orders, the likes of which have already been deployed in China. Robotic deliveries will enter new phases of development, with worldwide impact across various industries.

We can also expect a profound integration with AI-based applications.

AI, robotics, Internet of things, and Industrial automation

There will be an increased demand for AI and industrial automation technology.

Supply chains will rely on automation as a vital manufacturing solution, as machinery removes mundane burdens which were once the responsibility of the human workforce.

Though it’s obvious to vision job availability shrinking, we can hope that new jobs will be created to supplement those lost to machines.

Some of the top technology companies will enable industry automation, with robotics integration and AI having a defined impact in the manufacturing sector, boosting productivity and making life easier.

Online Education and eLearning

Online education has long existed as an alternative method for dispensing academic materials among students.

But as technology improves, it can now be leveraged for maximum benefit, where students can embrace a truly immersive, interactive educational experience.

Better resources have expanded the realm of possibility within the e-learning space. Fast-tracked education routes will be accelerated, with an opportunity for colleges, schools, and even coaching centers to utilize video conferencing to simulate and perhaps enhance the conventional teaching space.

Many institutions will encourage students to pursue at least a portion of their academia online. Top online learning platforms will serve the global community.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

These areas will continue to grow significantly over the next five years, as these innovative technologies become increasingly integrated with our everyday lives.

The remote work model and continuing adoption of business technology will extend over to AR and VR, enabling drastic digital transformations across all sectors.

Areas like remote assistance, virtual sports events, eye tracking, and facial expression recognition will develop, and be accelerated by the growth of the 5G network.

Technology giants will play a huge role in shaping our near future, acting as the flag bearers for AR, AI, VR, and essentially all other virtualized technologies.

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