The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry launched its rebranded visual identity

Source: The Malta Chamber

This June, after 172 years representing the Maltese business community, The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry launched its rebranded visual identity.

Over its 172-year history, The Malta Chamber matured in its mission and values, as the island became independent and set its commercial engines in full-gear to attract investment and ensure economic growth. Today, The Malta Chamber, with offices housed within the historic Exchange Buildings in Valletta, boasts hundreds of members and continues to work intently on fulfilling its mission of providing a voice to the local private sector.

And it aims to continue doing so. To this end, this year, The Malta Chamber launched a rebranding exercise – in conjunction with PR agency BPC International – aiming to bring it into the new decade of the millennium. This was a new vision which saw the entity transformed, ready to continue in its role as an indispensable partner to the thousands of business leaders on the island.

Kevin J. Borg, the entity’s Director-General, says that The Malta Chamber, over the past months, “has changed gear and has been on an uninterrupted path of renewal. Some have described it as a veritable renaissance, which is allowing Malta’s foremost business representative body to look ahead into the future and be an ever-more formidable force to be reckoned with,” he explains.

The rebrand, launched during the organisation’s AGM, is just the tip of the iceberg, however. “Fully representative of the raison d’être of the Chamber today, it is merely the slick packaging for an extraordinary product which we have been only too keen to carefully craft over the past months,” Mr Borg continues, underlining that the substance of the entity’s work will be strengthened through a refreshed image.

“Our rebrand has repackaged our business offering to our established members who have been with us for decades, as well to the prospective members who have set up shop last week. With this visual identity, we feel that we can communicate with entrepreneurs, who carry the experience and weight of a long career, as equally and as effectively as to a member of the Young Chamber Network, who we have welcomed with open arms,” the Director-General explains.

These sentiments are echoed by Edward Bonello, The Malta Chamber’s Communications Manager, who was at the very heart of the rebranding exercise. “Rebranding an organisation like The Malta Chamber is no mean feat. While wanting to fulfil the requirements of a rebrand in its purest form, we made sure to pay full respect to an institution which has stood the test of time, and has remained relevant to Malta’s socio-economic reality, notwithstanding its 172 years of age,” he says.

There were a number of considerations which led to the chosen identity, he goes on. “We wanted to express the will to remain relevant and be ever-more accessible to every person in business on the island. We also wanted to show how The Malta Chamber is going through a process of transformation which is allowing it to be ever present in the national debate and how ultimately it wants to be an irreplaceable partner to businesses who want to grow,” he continues.

The process towards finalising the rebranding included several intense brainstorming sessions, workshops, design presentations and plenty of energetic deliberation to ensure the parties honed their ideas appropriately. The Hermes wing – a symbol representing the Greek God of merchants – has remained at the centre of the entity’s look. “We believe we put our best foot forward and chose a strong brand which did not stray too far from the iconic Hermes’ wing, which has been associated with the Chamber for so many years. But we chose a new identity which expressed the Chamber’s will to look forward,” Mr Bonello says.