The key ingredients to internationalise successfully

Successful export ventures are vital for the future of our company, says Joseph Attard, Managing Director, Josefa Manufacturing Ltd.

Josefa Foods was founded by Charles Attard in the 1970s and has remained a family-owned business since. Presently, the second generation of the Attard family is dedicated to continuing a tradition of producing high-quality foods, such as gourmet pasta sauces, dips and pâtés. These exceptional products are available across the Maltese islands as well as internationally.

The company is actively investing in its expansion and is increasing its production capacity to meet the demands of new foreign markets. Apart from exporting its products to EU countries, Josefa Foods plans to boost its exports to the Middle East and North African countries.

“In recent years, we have put key export goals into sharper focus, with the aim of propelling the company forward and broadening its operations through the international export of our product range,” says Joseph Attard, Managing Director at Josefa Manufacturing Ltd.

“A significant effort is being dedicated to achieving this goal,” Attard says. “When the management made this important decision to venture into the export business, our main objectives encompassed mitigating seasonal demand fluctuations, minimising the company’s fixed costs, increasing production capacity, investing in well-trained human resources, adopting new technology and ultimately establishing and consolidating an international reputation.”

To this end, a well-studied export strategy and a robust marketing plan have been seamlessly integrated into the company’s comprehensive business plan. “We commenced by first identifying those areas where our company holds a strong competitive advantage,” Attard says. “These areas include our skilled personnel and the exceptionally high quality of our products.

“We also then identified potential challenges, such as the shelf-life considerations for products specifically tailored to international clients and the logistical costs associated with transporting products to their destination. Addressing these challenges required the development of expertise and the training of employees to handle these matters effectively and efficiently.”

Attard adds that one of the unique selling points for Josefa Foods is its ability to accommodate individual demands, even when requests are for limited pallet quantities. “This flexibility proved to be very advantageous for the company.”

Another key element embedded in Josefa Foods’ internationalisation journey is the involvement and participation in a number of leading food fairs across Europe and other continents.

“With the assistance of TradeMalta, we have actively participated in various business delegations abroad. These efforts enabled us to gather extensive market research, which proved to be instrumental in our successful entry into foreign markets. Additionally, trade shows serve as an excellent platform by providing participating companies with access to potential clients from all over the world.”

Participation in international fairs has provided Josefa Foods with invaluable opportunities. “In fact, we have recently expanded our operation and relocated our production department to more adequate premises at Ħandaq Industrial Estate to meet the demands of export markets. We have also invested in new, advanced machinery as well as new packaging, which feature certi­-fications from accredited foreign labs and comprehensive information on the labelling of the products.”

Josefa Foods has robust plans for the future. “Our aim is to grow our turnover, increase our number of employees, and introduce another new range of Maltese delicacies,” says Attard.

“Successful export ventures are vital for the future of our company as they generate numerous opportunities. Pre­sently we are well equipped to serve export markets and have undertaken specific developments and investments to market our products both locally and internationally.

“Being innovative, creative, agile and adaptable are the key ingredients behind the success of Josefa foods”.

“We strongly believe in our company’s accomplishments, ongoing growth, and the potential of our products. We will continue doing our utmost to establish the best reputation for our products as well as for Maltese manufactured products.”

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