The international success of Mediterranean Ceramics

Mediterranean Ceramics are renowned specialists in the local workmanship of handmade customised ceramics, volcanic stone and lava stone products. Since its establishment in 2008, the company has gained national and international success as a family-run manufacturing business in the heart of the Ta’ Qali Crafts Village.

Throughout the years, the company has built an international network of distributors across the globe, with the support of TradeMalta. Presently, the company successfully exports to the UK, Germany, North America, Australia and the UAE.

The company employs a team of specialised artists, steel manufacturers and lava stone specialists to ensure the production of high-quality bespoke products. Mediterranean Ceramics has taken its small manufacturing plant to reach new heights on an international scale, for both residential and commercial markets. Besides operating from a bustling factory, the company also runs an outlet at the Valletta Waterfront and a further two Salt & C concept shops. Mediterranean Ceramics also works with various partners in prominent touristic centres, including Suq Tal-Belt and a number of five-star hotels. Beyond local retailers, their lava stone tables can also be purchased in international home and garden shops in the US.

Following its overseas success, the company furthered its investment in new machinery, sustainable production formulas and new modern design concepts. The company even branched out into new product lines such as bathroom counters, sinks, kitchen counters, customised tables, coffee tables, unique indoor and outdoor tiling, as well as outdoor barbecue areas, urns, steel gazebos, pool tiles and murals.

This emphasis on customisation gave the company a competitive advantage as it offered a variety of indoor and al fresco design solutions for a wide range of businesses. The production of these items has helped the company gain a universal advantage in the home and garden markets for niche high-end products. As a result, the company has successfully taken on a series of commercial projects overseas in countries such as UAE, Australia, Singapore and the UK.

Furthermore, Mediterranean Ceramics was selected from among several competing worldwide companies to locally produce the handmade ceramic murals for a project on the newly establishment XXII Carat project on the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. The team produced three container loads of ceramic tiles, which were installed using a cladding system. These tiles were hand-cut and hand produced by Mediterranean Ceramics, to cover 22 villa facades and one central hotel facade. This has opened up new opportunities for the company to service bespoke projects in countries where unique design is sought, and superb engineering solutions are demanded. Following the success of hospitality projects, the company is heading into its second phase of growth in the commercial industry, both locally and overseas. 

In recent years, the company worked closely alongside Australian based retailer Scoops to produce branded volcanic stone counter tops and furniture for the global whole food stores. Mediterranean Ceramics has successfully furnished their stores in Singapore, UK and Australia, with other projects in the pipeline.

Moving forward, Mediterranean Ceramics aims to carry on driving the business both locally and overseas. The company seeks to maintain its true Mediterranean cultural identity in international markets and continue to enhance the tradition of hand-made niche products.

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