Taking Your Idea to Market – Webinar series

Here is your opportunity to give life to that idea that you’re always thinking of – through this fully funded 10 hour course.

About this Event

The Idea-To-Market course is a specialist series of 5 webinars.

This course is ideal for existing SMEs, self-employed, startup founders and corporate spinoffs who want to enhance their ideas. It is also ideal for those individuals who do not have a specific idea, but are looking to work through the creative process to harness ideas and start up their business.

Participants will work through the process of idea generation and will explore different ways to generate feasible business ideas and turn them into new products and services.

The Covid era is presenting new challenges for most businesses. How can these challenges be turned into new business? How can we find a valid idea that the market needs and produce a new product or service out of it?

Each session will guide you step by step in converting an idea into a marketable product or service, and covering the full process of starting and growing a new venture. This will familiarise the participants with the I2M (idea to market) methodology, and with the concepts of Creative Thinking and Innovation Management.

This course is made up of 5 sessions of 2 hours each and will be delivered online. It will kick off on Thursday 18th February and all sessions will be from 16:30hrs till 18:30hrs. Participants will have the option to book a 1-to-1 mentoring session upon successful completion of the full course, to discuss the follow-up steps to take the idea forward.

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