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Trade Promotion Incentive Scheme

International markets present various business opportunities to forward-looking businesses.  Enterprises willing to build capacity to compete in different markets tend to be more profitable and innovative in their product/service offerings and processes. This incentive aims to support business enterprises that are willing to establish new markets, or to introduce a new service or product in an existing international market, by allowing enterprises to explore growth opportunities, establish business contacts and or consolidate existing markets.

This scheme provides part-financing to business enterprises that participate in international trade events, trade fairs, trade missions, brokerage or networking events.  Business enterprises can capitalise on these events by establishing trade partners, developing value chains, identifying new business opportunities and acquiring knowledge about new markets, technologies and consumer trends.

The scheme also provides various initiatives through the submission of an Export Development Plan, that provides a framework for the development of an undertaking’s international business in their endeavours for entering new markets.  These initiatives help local business in acquiring market knowledge; developing effective marketing capabilities; understanding specific market issues and building the internal capabilities to export their products and services.

Eligible Sectors (such as): Manufacturing, Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Food & Beverage, Education and Training, Construction & Building Maintenance Services (BMS), Aviation and Maritime, Audio-visual and Digital services, Oil & Gas Logistics and more.

The Scheme Guidelines can be downloaded from here. This version was uploaded 10 May 2018.

The Eligible Sectors, sorted by NACE code, can be downloaded from here

Relevant application forms are as follows:

Trade Promotion Online Forms for Supported Actions:

Schedule A: Check List – Participation at B2B International Trade Events and Fairs

Schedule A: Application Form (2018 Events Only) – Participation at B2B International Trade Events and Fairs

Schedule A: Claim Form (2018 Events Only) – Participation at B2B International Trade Events and Fairs

Schedule A: Claim Form (2017 Events Only)Participation at B2B International Trade Events and Fairs

Schedule B: Trade and Company Missions

Schedule C: Participation in Formal Networking and Brokerage Events

Schedule D: Market Preparedness and Development

Schedule E: Collaborative Projects

Schedule F: International Call for Tenders

For further information or clarifications, interested companies should send an email to or contact us on 2247 2400.


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