Global Growth

Trade Malta is relaunching the popular Global Growth Scheme to support  experienced exporters with a specific internationalisation project. On this page, you can learn more about the scheme and how to apply.

The Global Growth programme covers internationalisation activities undertaken in the calendar year 2018. Participants will be eligible for co-founding of up to 50% of approved expenses subject to a capping of Euro 10,000 in assistance per company. There is a global capping on the scheme. The programme is being promoted with the support of HSBC Commercial Banking.

The eligibility criteria to participate are listed in the Incentives Guidelines of TradeMalta’s Trade Promotion Scheme, found here.

Eligible activities

The eligible activities are listed in the Incentive Guidelines under “Schedule D” are listed here for ease of reference:

  1. Design, development, production, duplication and printing of marketing material required to implement the Export Market Development Plan.
  2. Design and development of packaging and product information for legal or regulatory purposes as required for placing a product in target market.
  3. Translation costs of the marketing material from Maltese or English into other languages, as specifically required to implement the Export Market Development Plan.
  4. Internet Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) costs required in increasing visibility in target markets and implementing the Export Market Development Plan. Support for SEO shall be capped at € 1,000 per annum.
  5. Travel Costs and Per Diem subsistence covering one (1) representative (employee or director) attending pre-determined business meetings outside of Malta in one or more target markets as identified in the Export Market Development Plan. Travel and Per Diem will be calculated in line with Section 6.1. Per Diem may only be paid to cover the days in which the undertaking can prove participation in at least one (1) business meeting. The maximum number of days which can be covered by the Per Diem subsistence in a single trip is capped at five (5) days. The applicable Per Diem rates can be found here.
  6. Travel cost (as per section 6.1 of the Incentives Guidelines), incurred by the undertaking in holding business meetings in Malta with unrelated undertakings established in a market identified in the Export Market Development Plan.
  7. Participation in conferences, fairs and similar events related to the undertaking’s activity.

Note: Companies may still apply for financial support to exhibit in trade fairs under Schedule A, independently from this Scheme.

Before starting the application, please refer to the checklist here.

Companies will be selected after a competitive adjudication. The adjudication criteria are listed here.

Selected companies will be charged a non-refundable administration fee of Euro 150+VAT.

The deadline for entry is Friday 9th of March 2018 at 5pm

Selected companies will be announced by 31st March 2018.

To start filling your application, please click here.

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