TradeMalta webinars on international business: Series 2

Webinar-Trading-with-Namibia-Guest Speaker-Namibia-High-Commissioner-and-Commercial-Counsellor-16th-July-2020

TradeMalta has just concluded its second series of webinars on international business designed around the needs of Malta-based companies interested in international business development. The webinars, organised with the support of HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c., were held in October and November of 2020.

This series of webinars brought together key topics currently of interest to Malta-based businesses keen on expanding internationally, thus enhancing their understanding and preparedness for the fast-changing circumstances we live in today. Each webinar featured key guest experts who provided participants with deeper insights into each topic.

These webinars support TradeMalta’s wider objective to promote worldwide business opportunities and share relevant knowledge with enterprises interested in exporting their products and services.

This second series of webinars addressed the following topics:

21st October – Tools and strategies for international market research

28th October: Local software success stories

18th November: Doing business in the UK post Brexit

25th November: The HSBC Navigator Report: Resilience – Building Back Better