PKF Malta honoured with award presentation at China conference

Source: Times of Malta

Date: 29/11/2019

PKF China Award

PKF Malta was recently honoured with an award presentation during the 24th edition of the Etouce Industry Elite Convention held in Beijing, China. In it, PKF Malta were recognised for their unrelenting hard work in the pursuit of promoting Malta as a choice jurisdiction with emphasis placed on quality of the clients to complement Malta’s exclusive stance in offering the various immigration opportunities. The award was received by Marilyn Formosa, director and head of legal, on behalf of PKF Malta.

Formosa also addressed the floor during the conference,

delivering a speech about Malta having a standard to uphold and a balance to maintain amid its endeavours of attracting and

welcoming quality foreign direct investment, be it in the immigration sector or others. In addition to Formosa, the PKF Malta delegation also included PKF business and development partner Pierre Mangion, as well as Asian business development executive Miranda Ma.

The Etouce Industry Elite Convention is a conference based on a Chinese platform for the investment immigration industry encompassing citizenship by investment programmes, global real estate and property investment programme, permanent residence programmes, as well as tax and law.

“It is an honour for PKF Malta to take home this award.

The award is also significant for us as PKF Malta continues

in its endeavours to bridge the gap between Asia and Europe,” said Formosa.

During the visit to China, the PKF Malta delegation held various meetings with its Chinese counterparts, agents as well as met several of its clients. The main aim of the trip was to honour our receivers with a personal follow-up to previous trips and the continuation of cultivating strong ties broadly within the business sphere.

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