PB Group awarded major contracts for Algerian water and energy market

Source: Malta Business Weekly

Date: 18/01/2022

By: Andre Camilleri

David Raphael Busuttil, PB Groups’ CEO

PB Group, the Malta-based company specialising in the supply and servicing of complex water and energy equipment, has been awarded three major procurement and engineering contracts in Algeria. These awards are the result of a focused and intensive market development embarked upon by the Group over the last years, targeting the extensive water and energy infrastructures in Algeria.

As an integral part of these procurement and engineering contracts the PB Group, through its subsidiaries, will be providing a large number of specialised pumps and valves to major Algerian players in the water and energy sectors. These supplies will be accompanied by a complement of in-country specialised services engendering future medium-term growth.

“Through these major contracts, our people and the network of suppliers, manufacturers and service providers we work with, will be offering an integrated supply-chain management service to the sector,” explains David Raphael Busuttil, PB Groups’ CEO.

“We expect these contracts to further our position in Algeria where we have been present since 2014. It is an encouragement to all our personnel involved in developing this market and ensures our commitment to further invest in the Algerian market.  It is also positive feedback on our development to cater towards the wider water & energy markets. PB’s focus on Africa and increased territorial diversification are key to PB’s growth.”

Explaining how these contracts will be executed, Mr Busuttil underlined how PB will be handling all the procurement, sourcing, logistical and financial cover of its orders, from production to the client’s premises. “These companies are demanding on the quality of the products and services being purchased and our competitive edge allowed us to give comfort to both our customers and key suppliers, delivering on all expectations.”

“PB Group has a two-decade history of operating in the sectors of focus in Africa,” added Mr Busuttil, “and Algeria’s water and energy sectors, so vital to its economy, are two segments where investment has been sustained, even throughout the pandemic. In fact, in view of the long lead times in Algeria, these are opportunities the Group has been working on throughout the pandemic, with a dedicated team, operating on the ground and remotely.”

“Algeria is an important market and after so many years, we are ideally positioned to predict that the demand for specialised equipment and services in the country’s water and energy sectors will continue to be strong with a healthy outlook of sustainable investment over the next few years,” concluded Mr Busuttil.

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