Mexico’s Investment and Business Opportunities Seminar

TradeMalta in collaboration with the Embassy of Mexico in Italy and the Honorary Consulate of Mexico in Malta recently held an informative seminar titled ‘Doing Business with Mexico’ to discuss the business opportunities between the two countries.

Although Malta and Mexico are extremely different countries, there are many reasons that make them natural business partners.  Malta’s location is a huge advantage – strategically located at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East it is undoubtedly an excellent gateway for Mexican businesses looking to expand their reach in the region.

On the other hand, Mexico is a leading economy in Latin America with a thriving tourism industry, robust manufacturing sector, and an abundance of natural resources. Its geographical location also makes it an ideal hub for Maltese businesses looking to expand their presence in North, Central, and South America.

Beyond geographical advantages, both countries share a commitment to free trade and open markets. Malta has been a member of the European Union since 2004 and has a well-developed trade infrastructure, while Mexico has a significant number of free trade agreements (FTAs) more than any other country in the world – 12 FTAs with 46 countries making it a significant international trade hub and a manufacturing powerhouse. It is worth mentioning that in 2018 the European Union and Mexico reached an agreement on trade.  Practically all trade in goods between the EU and Mexico are duty free, including the agricultural sector.

In her opening address, Liz Barbaro Sant, Chairman, TradeMalta Limited, highlighted that both countries have a strong focus on innovation and technology. While Malta has made significant investments in the tech industry, with a particular emphasis on blockchain technology, Mexico is making strides in the tech industry, with a growing startup scene and a booming e-commerce market.

‘All these factors make Malta and Mexico natural partners for doing business. By working together, businesses in both countries can leverage each other’s strengths and overcome any challenges they may face in their respective markets’, emphasised Liz Barbaro Sant.

‘I strongly encourage businesses in Malta and Mexico to explore the opportunities that exist for doing business together. Whether it’s through trade, investment, or partnerships, there is enormous potential for growth’ she concluded.

Mr Claudio Rodríguez, partner at Hollanda & Knight Mexico SC, a trade expert with extensive international experience, delivered a keynote presentation about opportunities in Mexico with emphasis on the legal framework and he delved into corporate law, tax, international treaties, international trade law, customs law amongst others.

The seminar was also addressed by His Excellency Carlos García de Alba, Ambassador of Mexico to Italy, Albania, Malta and San Marino who highlighted the trade opportunities and explained the free trade agreements; Ms Cecile de Mauleón, Executive Director, Economic Association of Mexico to Italy who shared her practical expertise in actively doing business in Mexico and Dr Tonio Ellul, Honorary consul of Mexico.

More information on Mexico is available by accessing the country’s International Business Guide provided by HSBC, TradeMalta’s strategic partner by clicking


Those interested in doing business with Mexico are encouraged to contact TradeMalta at or call 22472400.

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