Market Data (Statista Database)

Knowledge is key to success in internationalisation. The more one knows about the markets, the players, the technologies and the operating environment of any target market, the less risk and the more probability of success.

TradeMalta has open access to the Statista database. With more than one million statistics, Statista is one of the world’s leading data platforms for strategic market analysis, statistics, and editorial research results. is a hub: The portal offers access to data, insights, and trends on 80,000 topics and 170 industries, composed of proprietary surveys, exclusive secondary sources, and aggregated data from 22,500 sources. The platform contains data collected from secondary research sources which is then compiled and reanalysed, as well as their own, primary research.

TradeMalta is now in a position to provide Malta-based companies with preliminary market research to help them establish a basic understanding of doing business in a specific market. Companies can visit and search for data and reports that could provide key input to their export plans. Whilst companies would not be able to download the reports, they can reach out to TradeMalta to discuss their requirements. Following approval of the request TradeMalta would be able to download the necessary reports and data to provide to companies.

Please feel free to reach out on for further information about this service.