Advanced Manufacturing

Anyone who has ever purchased a finely-tailored suit, a school textbook, or accessories for their car battery may have already enjoyed a product partly created within Malta’s vast manufacturing sector.

The island’s manufacturing industry has developed so rapidly over the past four decades that, today, it still accounts for a substantial portion of its Gross Value Added.

With Malta’s English-speaking workforce, the country is also famed for English Language education, with a leading company not only owning schools throughout Malta, but also in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada and South Africa. Beyond, local companies have also designed school management systems used as far afield as Canada.

Malta’s industry even operates in the world of medicine, as it is at the forefront of the development, testing and manufacture of life-changing medical devices, including one used for treating autism.

Manufacturers from around the world based in Malta enjoy the enviable Mediterranean climate, competitive operating costs, and excellent flight connections to more than 100 cities from Malta International Airport, as well as over 120 connections by sea.

Add these benefits to the country’s highly-educated English-speaking workforce operating from within a Central European time zone, and Malta’s manufacturing industry is set to continue its growth into ever-more diverse sectors around the world.