Malta’s healthcare system is rooted in the time of the Knights of St John, when the Maltese would nurse neighbouring states in times of war

Ever since, the country has built on these strengths and, today, offers the world expert human resources, state-of-the-art facilities, ground-breaking hospital management solutions, and focused vocational training for thousands of medical professionals.
Malta is also at the forefront of medical device manufacture worldwide, designing and producing medical devices and generic pharmaceuticals for leading global names, as well as manufacturing a ground-breaking device that may be used to tackle autism in children.

While a Maltese company even provides medical services in remote locations as far afield as Algeria and Libya, the quality care that can be found within the country itself is representative of its rich history and extensive experience in hospitality, trade and logistics.

Likewise, the island’s English-speaking, internationally-trained medical professionals, competitive prices for personalised, high-quality healthcare, and its enviable strategic location in the heart of the Mediterranean, truly makes Malta’s healthcare system the nurse of the Mediterranean – if not the world.