Food and Beverage

Malta has a great belief in the idea of quality over quantity in the food and beverages sector. Using genuine ingredients and processes that ensure the highest-quality end product, the country has become a key player in the global edible goods sector.

With a booming export market, the country manufactures some of the most popular powdered drinks that are consumed in Sub-Saharan Africa and in parts of the Middle East, while the largest supermarkets in the UK sell sauces and condiments processed here. Beyond that, snacks owned by some of the biggest European brands are developed and produced locally too.

Outside of manufacturing goods for the rest of the world, the rest of the world also loves the foods and drinks that are created locally. Malta’s most popular beer can now be found in parts of China, Korea and Australia, and craft beers made here have won awards in the US, UK and Europe. Likewise, Malta proudly has its own grape varietals that produce excellent quality wine.

With a determined focus on innovation and continuous improvement, the Maltese food and beverages industry deserves its reputation for agility and flexibility, while never compromising on our passion for the very highest-quality results.

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