Malta’s tech leaders reborn and expand…

The future of tech in Malta, Saudi and beyond: 9H Digital Ltd

Source: Times of Malta

Date: 8th November 2023

Benji Borg, CEO of 9H Capital

Newly launched 9H DIGITAL LTD. brings a new chapter to Tech and Digital Marketing in Malta that has called for a new identity representing the company’s rebirth and cumulative growth. In early 2023, 9H CAPITAL P.L.C., (formerly ANCHOVY Studios p.l.c. and NIU Ltd.) saw James Abela, Zak Borg, Matthew Sammut and Benji Borg appointed as executive directors, with Benji Borg being appointed as CEO of the 9H Group of Companies. The board of directors welcomed Joseph Sultana as non-executive director & chairman of the board, and Chris Mifsud and Etienne Borg Cardona as non-executive directors.

With 9H CAPITAL P.L.C. acting as the finance holding company, its subsidiary 9H DIGITAL LTD. is now the operating digital solutions agency. As a digital and tech agency that is geared towards continuous improvement, the commitment of 9H DIGITAL extends to providing unwavering support to a client list composed of Malta’s largest businesses. Starting from 9H DIGITAL LTD. becoming an ISO-certified agency, to being recognized as Malta’s first WooExperts and HubSpot partners, such certifications provide peace of mind and added value to clients, and act as a reassurance of a commitment to quality and simplified solutions.

Benji Borg, CEO of 9H Capital remarked: ‘We are proud to share this milestone and re-birth, it represents the culmination of a team with over 15 years experience in supporting Malta-based and international brands with cutting-edge digital and tech solutions. With over 70 passionate, creative, and tech-savvy individuals, our mission is to break the boundaries of conventional thinking, crafting innovative solutions that elevate brands to new heights and create meaningful connections with their audience’.

The company recently announced its expansion into the Saudi Arabian market by acquiring a 50 percent stake in an established Saudi-based creative agency The Studio Upstairs. The combined Saudi operation has been rebranded to TAYB, currently led by its founder and CEO, Tala Saleh.

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