Maltese exporters now have free access to the market analysis tools offered by the International Trade Centre

TradeMalta is providing Maltese exporters with free access to an extensive trade statistics database developed by the International Trade Centre in Geneva. The Trade Map tool provides online access to the world’s largest trade database and presents indicators on export performance, international demand and alternative markets. Over 30 local company representatives attended a training workshop organised by TradeMalta on Wednesday, the 11th of September. The training was delivered by Mr. Christian Delachenal who was invited to coach companies on how to use this strategic research tool to build market intelligence and expand their growth potential. Mr. Delachenal was also in Malta to deliver a training session to the TradeMalta team.

The workshop opened with a presentation on market research by Mr. Morgan Parnis from Mdina International. Mr. Parnis spoke mostly about primary research, providing a number of market case studies to highlight best practices and underline the key considerations involved.

Mr. Morgan Parnis delivering his presentation about market research.

For the first part of the training session, Mr. Delachenal listed the various ITC market analysis tools that are available to local companies on TradeMalta’s website. These tools can be accessed through Trade Map and include, among others, a Market Access Map that provides information about customs tariffs, trade regulations and trade flows for over 200 countries, and a Procurement Map giving detailed information for over 150,000 public tenders. Mr. Delachenal then proceeded to explain the features of the Trade Map tool, highlighting the criteria and indicators available to users, and elaborating on how to mine the data accessible to assess export markets and identify untapped potential trade opportunities.

Mr. Christian Delachenal demonstrating the features of ITC’s Trade Map tool.

The last part of the workshop was a guided hands-on session for participants to explore the ITC Trade Map tool.

This seminar is co-funded through the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) – Operational Programme I 2014-2020 – ‘Fostering a competitive and sustainable economy to meet our challenges’.

One of the attendees using Trade Map on TradeMalta’s website.

Market research is critical for companies wanting to succeed in international markets. Research tools can help exporters build reliable trade intelligence to optimise their chances of success whilst reducing risks. TradeMalta encourages local companies to make use of the ITC Trade Map and other information tools available on the organisation’s new Internationalisation Knowledge Platform.

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