Miles Express Cargo Systems Limited

Industry: Logistics
Main Activity: Freight Forwarders
Year of establishment: 1994
NACE code: H - Transportation And Storage
VAT number: MT10182704
Company registration number: C 15848

Miles Express is an independent global supplier of transport and logistics solutions. Our dynamic and versatile Logistics Team is supported by an international network of logistics partners. We are experienced in identifying and proposing to the customers the most efficient and economical transport and logistics solutions. We boast of a bespoke transport & logistics software comprising of a web based track & trace facility which is interchangeable and compatible with other available software in this industry. Miles Express ceaselessly challenges the old-fashioned freight forwarding practices, providing a variety of value added services based on the customers’ requirements. Extensive logistics solutions are provided from the initial to the ultimate point of the supply chain. Whatever the size of consignments; we are working hand in hand with our customers to arrange the best type of transport methods with the shortest available routings and achieving faster delivery times.

Geographical regions currently exporting to: Africa, Europe, North America, South America
Geographical regions interested in exporting to: Oceania

Contact Person

Edward Ferry
Chief Operations Officer

  +356 21240877


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Miles Express Cargo Systems Limited
42 'The Office House', Timber Wharf,
MRS 1440

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  +356 21240877