MCAST Gateway to Industry

Industry: Educational and Training Services
Main Activity: Educational and Training Services (Training Provision)
Year of establishment: 2008
NACE code: P85.42 - Tertiary education
VAT number: MT19251728
Company registration number: C44952

Catering for 6,000 full-time and 4,000 part-time students, MCAST works closely with local industries to ensure that the knowledge, skills and competences within its curricula are appropriate and relevant to a dynamic and forward-looking economy. MG2i is the commercial arm of MCAST. The core business of MG2i consists of training provision to a broad target audience. Such training is offered both on a part-time schedule, as well as through bespoke courses that are custom-designed upon request and through negotiations with clients. MCAST has a growing international student community across a broad variety of courses, which are delivered in English. Students may apply at MCAST individually and are guided towards their field of interest at the level that is most appropriate for them. Alternatively, we offer custom-made programmes of study for cohorts that are brought together by common interests and aspirations. This allows greater flexibility in terms of course delivery and timeframes.

Geographical regions currently exporting to: Asia
Geographical regions interested in exporting to: Africa, Asia, Oceania, South America

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Stephen Vella

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MCAST Gateway to Industry
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