Market Intelligence Services Company Limited

Industry: Professional Services
Main Activity: Consultancy
Year of establishment: 1983
NACE code: M70.22 - Business and other management consultancy activities
VAT number: MT1014-2604
Company registration number: C6346

MISCO is the leading providers of information to the business community, the public sector and non-governmental organisations through human resources and marketing research, training and consultancy. We are primarily guided in our activity by a professional, practical and customer-driven approach. As thinkers and doers, we believe in building partnerships with clients and suppliers; in fostering a team spirit within the organisation; and in continuous innovation and improvement in our work. Our services include recruitment and HR consultancy, salaries information, training and development programmes and marketing and opinion research.

Geographical regions currently exporting to: Europe
Geographical regions interested in exporting to: Europe

Contact Person

Lawrence Zammit

  +356 22054203


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Market Intelligence Services Company Limited
Level 1, Fino Buildings, Triq l-Imdina, Mriehel,
BKR 3000

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