Intermarkets Stationeries Ltd

Industry: Manufacturing: Other
Main Activity: Manufacturing (Envelopes manufacturing and printing)
Year of establishment: 1980
NACE code: C17.23 - Manufacture of paper stationery
VAT number: 1111 7035
Company registration number: C4989

Intermarkets Stationeries Ltd is well known for manufacturing and printing of envelopes all over the island. From custom business envelope printing to booklet envelope printing, we have been providing custom envelope printing for companies across a number of industries. We have grown steadily over the past 30 years because we offered the best quality services.

Geographical regions interested in exporting to: Africa, Europe

Contact Person

Omar Toutoung

  +356 21693630


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All types of envelopes Automailer Envelopes Custom envelopes Envelopes Express deposit envelopes printing Printing on Envelopes Security Envelopes Tyvek Envelopes Water proof Envelopes


Intermarkets Stationeries Ltd
BLB 905, Bulebel Industrial Estate,
ZTN 3000

  +356 21693630