Hawk Aerospace Ltd

Industry: Aviation
Main Activity: Business aviation
Year of establishment: 2004
VAT number: MT-17374820
Company registration number: C35420

Hawk Aerospace provides technology & engineering solutions that helps businesses improve efficiency and effectiveness in their operations. The company achieves this by creating, designing, integrating, and developing aviation and software technologies. Hawk has three main service lines; the first being drones. Hawk can provide industrial drone services (such as aerial imagery, surveying and information services) The second line of the business is information systems and software development. These help aviation and technology related businesses manage and improve their operations. The third being providers of advanced communications systems, where Hawk seamlessly integrates third party equipment together with the customers’ existing systems. The driving force behind Hawk is Roger Archer (CEO). Through his extensive management experience and technological knowledge, he has built and maintains Hawk’s competitive advantage: leveraging technology to create business advantages.

Geographical regions interested in exporting to: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America

Contact Person

Robert Archer
Administration Executive


  +356 21490202


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Hawk Aerospace Ltd
38,, Santa Marija Street,,
MST 4133



  +356 21490202