Market Research

Knowledge is key for success in internationalisation. The more one knows about the markets, the players, the technologies and the operating environment of any target market, the less risk and the more probability of success.

While aware of our limitations, of resources and time, we offer preliminary market research on key geographical markets and key sectors to our clients. Such preliminary market research is used by SMEs to establish a basic understanding of doing business in that market.
Please get in touch with us to discuss how TradeMalta can assist you with preliminary market research.

Contact Person:
Name: Andrew Rizzo Naudi
Tel:+356 2247 2412  

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“Trade Malta helped our company connect with the correct people at the right time. They were extremely helpful throughout the entire process and I believe that all companies should look to Trade Malta if seriously interested in international growth.”

Benji Borg
Co-Founder, Anchovy Inc