Market Research

This programme is designed to assist eligible companies in procuring specific market research and market intelligence reports, which will assist them in developing new or existing export markets.

Eligible support measures include:

  • Purchase of market research tools such as industry and consumer reports, etc. and statistical data
    from specialised data and market research providers.
  • Commissioning of bespoke marketing intelligence from specialized international market research

The purchase of such reports or market intelligence must be pre-approved by TradeMalta.

In the Guidelines linked below, you can read more about eligibility to find out whether your company falls within one of the supported sectors.

In the application form below, we will be asking you why this particular piece of market intelligence will contribute to the development of your target market(s) and list the source of the market intelligence in question as well as the cost of the report(s). You will therefore need to have identified the specific report(s) you wish to procure before you apply.

Once you have applied, you will be notified by TradeMalta if we need further clarification and, if not, whether your application has been declined or approved. In the latter case, you can then proceed to claim a refund on the documented expenses, using the claim form also found on this page.

Should you have any questions kindly contact us on

  • Guidelines
  • Application Form 2021
  • Claim Form 2021


The Incentive Guidelines 2021 – 2023 can be downloaded from here

Application Form 2021

Applications for 2021 are now open.

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Claim Form 2021

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