Go Global Training

When looking to internationalise their operations, enterprises must think strategically and acquire all the necessary skills and knowledge to take the first step in their overseas target market.

TradeMalta has set up this programme so that novice exporters can attend an internationalisation training course complete with interactive sessions delivered by renowned academics and industry professionals. The course is supported by HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c. and accredited under the University of Malta’s Programme in the Liberal Arts and Sciences.

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Registrations for the 2022 intake have been postponed.  

“The panel discussions were great, where we met people with real international experiences. The mix of content was fantastic and overall thanks for a wonderful unforgettable and very useful experience”



Christopher Busuttil Delbridge
Managing Director, Evolve Ltd.

“Built on some of the best academic talent the University of Malta can offer as well as the achievements of some of the captains of Maltese industry, the course is a goldmine of information and experience that cannot be easily replicated. Personally I feel I have gained both insight and confidence in my role within Medelec and I cannot thank TradeMalta enough for this unique experience.”



David Fenech
Commercial Manager, Medelec Switchgear Ltd.