Digital Marketing

Under this scheme, eligible companies can apply for co-financing of direct expenses towards international digital marketing, undertaken in the calendar year 2021 in order to promote the company’s products or services in pre-defined markets abroad.

The eligible support measures are:

  • Direct advertising on the main search engines (such as Google Ads or Bing Ads), as long as the expense is targeting an international market;
  • Direct advertising on the main social medial platforms (such as LinkedIn or Facebook) as long as the expense is targeting an international market;
  • Other online platforms with direct digital advertising capabilities such as Taboola, Outbrain, Capterra, Reddit, Quora and others, especially industry and audience-specific online platforms.
  • Digital design costs (visuals, graphics, etc.) of the marketing campaign.

You can see what companies are eligible for support in the Guidelines found below, which also contain more information about the scheme in “Section 6.6. Schedule F: Digital Marketing”. Eligible companies may apply using the form marked “Application Form 2021” below.

How to apply

In order to apply click on the tab marked “Application Form 2021” below and follow the instructions in the application form. To access the application form, you must be logged in to the TradeMalta website. Once the application is approved, companies may submit one or more claims, using the “Claim Form 2021”, which will also be uploaded below.

Note: Only expenses undertaken by, and invoiced to, the applying company are eligible. Companies may still apply for financial support under TradeMalta’s other schemes, but funds allocated under this scheme will be deducted from the overall capping of Eur 30,000 in maximum assistance from TradeMalta for 2021 per company.

  • Guidelines
  • Application 2021
  • Claim 2021


The Incentive Guidelines 2021 – 2023 can be downloaded from here

Application 2021

Click here to complete an application for assistance in digital marketing carried out during 2021.

Claim 2021

Click here to submit a claim form for digital marketing activities carried out during 2021.