Building Resilient Organisations

Wednesday 25th November 2020, 11.00 am (CET)

Almost every business has been impacted by COVID-19 and short-term challenges dominate the thinking of 3 in 5 business leaders. The HSBC Navigator Report: Resilience – Building Back Better provides valuable insights and opinions from businesses around the world as HSBC asked more than 2,600 decision-makers how the current crisis has affected them and changed their plans for the future. The findings show that there is no blueprint for navigating crises, but reveal that resilience is multifaceted.

The webinar hosted by TradeMalta on 25 November will show how companies have weathered the current crisis, and how they are preparing for the future by accelerating their transformation plans to make their enterprises more agile and more resilient.

Our guest speakers will be Warwick Long, Head of Commercial Banking, UK Non Ring-fenced Bank & Europe International, HSBC Bank p.l.c., Joyce Grech, Head of Commercial Banking HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c., and economist JP Fabri.

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