FELTOM China Road Show 2020

TradeMalta is pleased to announce that the Federation of English Language Teaching Organisation Malta,  (FELTOM) is planning a Road Show to China in 2020.

FELTOM is organising the China Road Show in collaboration with Bonard. TradeMalta shall provide assistance to participating schools by part financing travel costs involved during this trip.

Details of Road Show:

Dates:                    2nd till 6th March 2020

Location:              China – 3 cities will be visited within the 2-tier category

Agents:                  15 agents will be met at each location who will be pre-interviewed by Bonard


Representation from the Chinese Embassy

FELTOM Representation

MTA Representation

ELTC Representation

FELTOM Member Schools Representation

In preparation for this road show, FELTOM will be organising two webinars – one hosted by Bonard, who will give an insight into the Chinese market and the cities that will be visited, and the second will be hosted by the Ambassador to China, H.E. Mr. John Aquilina, who will provide details for the visa process.

To apply for financial support from Trademalta, please click here, and fill in the application form found at the bottom of the page under the tab ‘Application’.

FELTOM China Road Show