Drive 2021: Inspiring Progressive Business – HSBC’s first-ever and largest virtual SME global conference

Drive 2021: Inspiring Progressive Business is the first-ever and largest virtual SME global conference in the world organised by HSBC.

Hosted over 3 weeks from 4 – 20 May 2021, Drive 2021 features a mix of high-profile keynote speeches, interactive panel discussions, practical workshops and networking opportunities that customers can choose to participate in.  It will be held over different time zones to reach SME owners and managers around the globe.

Drive 2021 is focused on enabling businesses to grow their business through connections and insights that only HSBC can bring them.

Drive 2021 highlights: 

Content will reflect the specific needs of SMEs and help support them as they emerge from the global pandemic.  Topics will be centred around 3 strategic themes, Sustainability, International Trade and Digital Innovation as highlighted below:

  • Predictions for future trends from Scott Galloway, entrepreneur, Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern Business School;
  • Why a purpose-led profit mindset can change the world and your business with Meena Harris, activist, Phenomenal Woman entrepreneur;
  • How to access venture capital and private equity funding;
  • Workshops hosted by Google on analytics and digital marketing;
  • Opportunities for SMEs in the Greater Bay Area;
  • Workshops on opportunities on eCommerce platforms.

More speakers and sessions will be announced as we get closer to the event. 

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