Cookie Policy

TradeMalta Limited strives to ensure that its website visitors have a useful and reliable experience. The website makes use of cookies to enhance the website’s functionality, smoothen log-in processes and understand how the website’s visitors use the services and tools offered on it. The use of cookies throughout TradeMalta’s website is subject to your consent where required by applicable law.

What are cookies and what are they used for?

TradeMalta’s website uses cookies, which are small plain text files that are stored in your computer, tablet or smartphone when visiting the website. Cookies connect with your web browser’s memory so that a website can recognise its returning visitors and registered users, thus allowing it to fully deliver the site’s features and keep track of a user’s preference settings. Cookies allow TradeMalta’s website to keep track of elements such as your eLearning course progress and saved entries in the Exporters’ Directory. Such cookies allow you to resume your use of the website from the previous session.

Cookies are crucial for websites such as this one which include large databases, login functions and customisation features. Each cookie typically contains:

  • The name of the server from which the cookie was sent
  • The cookie’s lifetime, and
  • Its value (a randomly generated unique number)

The cookie’s value is used by the website server in order to recognise returning visitors to the website. That cookie can only be used by the server which sent it.

Cookies do not include information which personally identifies a user. However, personal information which is stored in TradeMalta’s website may be linked to the information stored in cookies.

Which cookies are used on this site?

TradeMalta’s website uses both First-Party Cookies and Third-Party Cookies for an efficient user experience.

First-Party Cookies are created and stored by TradeMalta’s website so that visitors may access the online portal’s various features. For example, such cookies are required to remember log-in credentials so that registered users will not need to enter them each time they access the website. First-party cookies are allowed in every web browser by default.

Third-Party Cookies are set by a ‘third-party’ website other than TradeMalta’s. The third-party website would store a cookie so that the products and features it has integrated into TradeMalta’s website can function correctly. Like First-Party Cookies, these Third-Party Cookies may be removed and blocked using one’s browser, however this would limit the user experience.

One example of a third-party cookie source is Google Analytics, which is used by TradeMalta’s team to analyse how this website is being used. Google Analytics is an online web analytics service which allows TradeMalta to assess which sections of its website are most popular and useful to its visitors. TradeMalta will use this information generated through cookies to continuously update its website according to the needs of its clients and website users.

The cookies used on TradeMalta’s website also have varying expiration dates. This depends on whether they are Session Cookies or Persistent Cookies.

Session Cookies only last as long as the browser remains open. These cookies are stored into the web browser’s memory and never written to disk. Once the visitor closes the web browser, this cookie is permanently lost.

Persistent Cookies are created once the visitor first accesses TradeMalta’s website or a specific website feature. This cookie is saved to disk and does not expire once the web browser is closed. The cookie is deleted on its specified expiration date. The cookie’s expiration can come after minutes, days or months after its creation or latest update.

The following is a list of cookies being used on TradeMalta’s website:




_gid (Analytical / Performance)
_ga (Analytical / Performance)
IDE (Youtube)

How can I manage cookies on my browser?

Upon first visiting, a pop-up appears at the bottom of the page where you can accept or reject cookies generated through the use of the website.
Additionally, the majority of browsers allow users to block and delete cookies. The procedures to block and delete cookies depend on the browser used to access the website. This is due to the different functionalities between browsers and their many versions. The following links provide up-to-date information about managing cookies on widely-used internet browsers:

Google Chrome –
Mozilla Firefox –
Microsoft Internet Explorer –
Microsoft Edge –
Opera –
Safari –

Please note that disabling cookies received via TradeMalta’s website may severely limit the usability of several features on the website.

How can I keep up-to-date with changes in this policy?

If there are any material changes to TradeMalta’s cookie policy, visitors will be informed via a prominent notice on the website prior to the change becoming effective. We encourage you to periodically review this page for the latest information on the cookies used by the website.

If you require any further clarifications on the use of cookies on our website, please do not hesitate to contact TradeMalta at

More information about cookies can also be found on the following information websites:

This policy was last updated on 31st August 2018.