AquaBioTech Group: Local company, global player

AquaBioTech Group has built its brand based on international standards.

AquaBioTech Group is a Maltese business that for the last 24 years has built its presence and reputation internationally, enabling it to develop clients and projects in over 57 countries including Norway, Singapore, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Jamaica and Mozambique. The company currently has more than 80 employees, all hailing from different backgrounds and who are highly experienced and qualified in the field.

The founders of the company believe that business should not restrict operations to the local market, but should rather explore internationalisation to grow their business globally.

For AquaBioTech Group, this has been a strategic decision from the very start. The company started its humble beginnings in a small office in Msida, evolving over time into its six-storey building with offices, design suites and laboratories covering some 5,000m2 on the outskirts of Mosta.

The company has positioned itself to become one of the leading global players in the world of aquaculture, marine sciences and engineering and has three strategic business groups.

The first business group focuses on Consulting, Advisory and Training (CAT) in all areas of aquatic sciences and engineering, with a client list which includes foreign governments, agencies, as well as leading banks, insurance companies and investment firms.

The second group is focused on Testing, Research, Inspection and Certification (TRIC) for all aquatic related products from simple items such as water pumps, through to vaccines that are distributed all over the world.

The third, largest and fastest growing part of the business is the Design, Engineering and Technology (DET) group that has positioned itself as one of the top 10 leading companies in the field. Designing and building some of the most advanced land-based fish farms in the world, the company has invested over a decade of research, development and testing to get to where it is today.

AquaBioTech Group also benefitted greatly from Malta’s EU accession as it was able to bid successfully for EU-funded projects such as Horizon2020, Interreg Italia-Malta and MarTERA.

The company’s internationalisation strategy has had many levels as the business needed to establish itself before it reached its longer-term objectives and market penetration. The company, therefore, built its brand based on international standards and engaged in a defined and sustained program of attendance at various international exhibitions, conferences and trade missions organised by TradeMalta. As a result, word spread that AquaBioTech Group delivered on its projects, one after the other.

Developing an international market requires a plan that recognises the conditions of international business in terms of financial, cultural and travel. The definition and development of the company’s unique selling proposition (USP) was key to its local and international success.

This, together with the strength of the company’s own market intelligence and the support of TradeMalta, contributed to the company’s overall success on a global scale.

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