An On Point story to success

Date: 04/10/2020

The internationalisation of On Point

Embracing internationalisation was intrinsic to the launch of On Point, a local software company that specialises in accounting software, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), reporting and foreign VAT recovery solutions. 

Partnering with worldwide giant tech companies such as Microsoft, Atlassian, VAT4U and Insight Software, the company’s mission is to always provide the most innovative solutions for any kind of business in any industry. 

On Point was founded three years ago in 2017 by three ERP specialists, each bringing years of experience from several projects namely, Stephen Abela, Petr Kupka and Vincent Zahra. On Point Limited is now an international software company with offices in Malta, Czechia, Nigeria and Ghana.

Implementing innovative software solutions

The company believes that a software solution should facilitate the most complex tasks in every department with the help of the right ERP system, automated reporting software or a task management solution, which are ultimately customised to fit the requirements of every client and business.

The company is growing fast, having implemented and supported more than 150 software solutions internationally.

On Point’s international team amounts to 36 people from different backgrounds, working either from the office or remotely yet still collaborating as one team. 

An international synergy brings a stronger vision

On Point started in an office in Malta and after a couple of months, another office was set up in Brno, Czech Republic by one of the founders, Petr Kupka, a Czech national. Two years later, On Point opened an office in Lagos, Nigeria and partnered with a leading Ghanian tech company, Hatua Tech Ltd, also known as Hatua Onpoint.

“Working with TradeMalta gave us the opportunity to reach new horizons,” Stephen Abela said. “TradeMalta has been supporting us locally and internationally throughout our journey in Ghana, making such a giant step look much smaller.

“The organization is assisting Maltese businesses like us with international prospects, ensuring they start their export journey on the right foot.”

Providing exceptional service worldwide 

On Point engages staff from the four different countries, each focused on providing a high-level quality of service to clients. The company is adamant that the quality of services needs to be very high throughout.

“We implemented the right customer-service software providing different streams of communication, making it easier for our clients to reach us with any queries, be it a chatbox, WhatsApp chat or our direct lines. We are continuously working to maintain a strong knowledge-base in our Help Desk, to help our clients solve even the simplest of issues,” added Abela.

A strong relationship is also an important factor when it comes to approaching clients. On Point doesn’t want to recreate its Maltese office in different countries but is more focused to create the same positive working atmosphere and exceptional quality of service.

On Point’s vision for the future is to continue developing a strong brand locally and internationally. This entails providing business software solutions for any business looking to streamline and innovate its processes, and delivering value to the firm, its employees and its customers.

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